In the Right Place at the Right Time

An unrivalled software system, unique in the world, offering all types of functional analysis, statistics, planning, real-time management, predictions and spatiotemporal simulations.


Map Revelation provides predictive, graphic and geographical analysis, pinpointing (crime, incidents, sales, after-sales, events…) The software hones in on the most important places and moments, predicts incidents while objectively optimizing resources allocated to the geographic occurrence.


Map Revelation gives a real time view of useful space/time elements (events, forces, resources…) and can integrate surveillance & security equipment such as video cameras, sensors, GPS.  Map Revelation gives you the power to anticipate, be aware and be present.


Map Revelation can simulate events (natural and man-made disasters, evacuations, health outbreaks, etc…) easily and rapidly.  Map Revelation is a simple ergonomic tool which allows for real time management and analysis of all possible risks to safety and security.



Cross-reference your data in all possible ways to better target your actions in time and place.

In geographical dimensions

Map Revelation allows you to easily visualize high-density areas and anomalies in your area.  You will have the ability to analyze administrative zones and to discover important elements and target your actions.

In Time dimensions

Map Revelation allows for search time data so sharp that you will be able to see the increase/decrease of geographic patterns over a period of time to predict occurrences.

In your own dimensions

Map Revelation is capable of integrating all types of facts and all of your own fields while cross-checking data with other desirable dimensions.  Discover the facts, how you can maximize the most of CA?, by product, by industry, where your equipment is most used, by service, by material.. quickly and when to act.

Unique and Comprehensive Features

More than 60 types of generated maps

Original and quick algorithmic capability for all types of visualization.

Pivot Tables via drag and drop

Analyze and cross-reference your data in all possible ways.

Graphs, reports and charts

Produce reports and generate an updated version at any moment.

Import assisted automation via all sources

Easily import your data from anywhere with all the desired fields

Geocoding Performance

Geocode your data to the street number automatically

Real Time

Share your updated maps in real time

Open  architecture

Map Revelation is natively designed to integrate into all types of architecture software and can be easily integrated into existing ones such as SIG, desktop tools, SSO infrastructure, Virtualization, SAAS…) 

Full Web

All of Map Revelations functionalities are available via web interface on all types of devices.  The software integrates seamlessly into any architecture, database and SIG

Full Compatible

Map Revelation allows you to integrate database elements from all partners into your existing systems (SIG.) It is compatible from start to finish with most existing tools.  It also integrates with your security sensors (Alarms, videosurveillance, GPS.)

Full Users

The interface is uniform across the software and is intuitive and simple.  Imports (downloads?) are supported from start to finish.  A guide is available at each step to locate and fully utilize all aspects of the software.  The entire process can be automated with one click.